photograph is worth a thousand words

its powerful

Nobody is born a racist.

omg, this should be relboged millions of times.

nobodys born racist, society teaches it

this is beautiful


u ever text someone something risky and every second that they dont respond is another spike in ur blood pressure and u stare at your hand like why did u type that u fool its over the universe is crumbling to pieces this is my demise

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Agua Azul falls, Chiapas, Mexico

recovery is a funny fucking thing
because just when you think
that the storm has passed,
there’s that one little raindrop can
trigger a hurricane that
leaves a disaster zone in it’s wake.

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she loves flowers



100 Reasons to Stay Alive~
Just a friendly reminder in case you had forgotten all of the wonderful little things that makes life worth the struggle~

Wrote up this list as an additional page on my blog and will be adding more as time goes on. If you have any suggestions you want to see on this list, feel free to message me. 

Life is worth it. 
I love you.